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Hosanna Brides! I am beyond excited to enter into this journey with you. Every love story is so beautifully composed and I am so honored to be able to partake with you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me among so many.

Your wedding planning and ease is incredibly important to me so much that I have customized this wedding magazine for you to help you consider highlights on your wedding day. If any questions or concerns arise amidst your planning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I am always here to give input whenever it is needed.

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My dream for every bride is that their day is fully enjoyable and completely stress free. At Hosanna Wilmot Photography the memories you are creating are being meticulous documented, you do not have to worry about missing a shot! I have prepared a list of photographs you can expect from me on your wedding day.






Overall Ceremony Site-Shop

Ceremony Details

Luxe Bridal Portraits, Bride Only

Bride & Groom together, posed

Close-Up of Bride and Groom’s face


Entire Groomsmen party, Standing

Groomsmen shoes together

Groomsmen having fun together

Entire Bridesmaid party with Bride

Bridesmaids and Bridesmaid Shoes

Bridesmaids having fun together

Bride with Maid of Honor

Bride with Grooms Parents

Bridal Party, Bride & Groom

Groom with Best Man

Groom with Grooms Parents

Groom with Brides Parents

Bride with Bride’s Extended Family

Bride and Groom with all Parents

Bride with Siblings

Groom with Siblings

Bride and Groom w/ Extended Family

Entire Bridal Party w/ Family

**Your Choice of any combination of friends, family and party guests.**

Bride & Groom:

Close-up of Rings

Groom only-Groom Details

Bridal Portraits, Bride only

Bride and From together, posed

Close-up of Bride & Groom’s face

Bride Getting Ready:

Hanging Dress

Wedding Invitation (with styling board)

Bride’s Shoes

Brides’s Jewelry

Bridal Bouquet

Bride and Bridesmaids in Robes

Brides and Bridesmaid toasting Champagne

Bride looking at mirror

Bride putting on makeup

Bridesmaid Styling Hair

Bridesmaid Putting on Outfits

Bride Puts on her dress

Mom’s reaction to Bride in Dress

Bride’s Wedding day portraits

(If wedding package time allows)

Bride with Mother

Bride with Flower Girl

Bride with Special Family Friends

Groom Getting Ready:

Groom’s Shoes

Groom’s Boutonniere


Wedding Rings

Groom Buttoning Jacket

Groom Putting on Shoes

Close-Up of Groom’s Tie

Close-Up of Groom’s Boutonniere

Groom Standing alone, Dressed

Groomsmen Shaking Hands

Best Man with Groom

Groom’s Party Helping Groom Dress

Best Man Hugging Groom

Groom with Mother

Groom with Father

Groom with Family & Friends



Table Decor & Florals

Seating Chart/Sign in Book

And other special details/decor)

Bride & Grooms Table

Cake Details

Overall shot of Reception area

Guest arriving (with second shooter)

Guest Interactions, Intro’s

Formal Intro’s of Bride and Groom

Toasts & Speeches

First Dances (couple, parents)

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Dancing

Family Members Dancing

Guests Dancing and Conversing

Bouquet Toss, Traditions, Etc.

Cake Cutting

Formal exit of Bride and Groom

Your Requests:

Please note that this comprehensive shot list is catered towards a full wedding day which typically lasts 8-10 hours. A 6 hour wedding package will cover a big portion of these.

Your wedding collections can be customized up to 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day with additional coverage and a second shooter.