I am so glad you are here and thank you for your interest in the nanny position! Our family is looking for a fun, energetic and creative nanny to take primary care of my youngest Noah who is almost 2 years old! My second child is a 5 years old and he would be watched primarily during the weekends when I have weddings to shoot!


Job Title: Part Time Nanny/ & Personal Assistant

Experience: 6mo-1+ years with child care

Salary: $11/hr for 1 child $12/hr when there are 2 children

Must Have: Transportation, Good Work Ethic

Schedule: Part Time-Varies

Schedule will be set out a month in advance unless there are some changes (additional clients, date night, etc.)

If there are some changes employer will ask employee ahead of time if he/she can be flexible. If not there is not problem,

Weekends are a must, but not all weekends will be worked. Weekends & wedding dates will be set way in advance for your to review.

No Wedding Week:

Mon: 7:30AM-3PM

Tues: 7:30Am-4PM

Wed: 7:30AM-3PM

Wedding Week:

Sat: Varies (Times will be discussed 1 month in advance)

Mon: 7:30AM-3PM

Tues: 7:30AM-3PM

Sat: Varies (Time will be discussed 1 mo in advance)

Sun: Varies ((Time will be discussed 1 mo in advance))

**Please note, there are very few Sundays in between where Sunday will be worked.

Tues: 7:30-4PM

A 4th day may come up from time to time, but we will ask if you are available at least a 1 week in advance. If you are unavailable this is ok.

We like to get out on date nights very rarely, we will ask in advance if available.

The Perfect Candidate: The perfect candidate is going to be someone who is mature, responsible, fun, creative, outgoing and trust worthy.

Additional Words: Bubbly, Charismatic, Organized,

Expected Duties: Making breakfast for child, getting dressed, playing with child, caring for child, helping child to go down for a nap, child caring, educational activities, taking child to library story time, taking child to the park, taking child to music class.

PLEASE NOTE: Driving our children around will take a lot of trust from our part and it will have to be earned.

Light cleaning would include: children laundry, sometimes family laundry, light sweeping around the kitchen, loading dishwasher, & picking up toys and tidying up before the day is over.

Personal Assistant: Noah takes a 2 hour nap during the day. Working from home will allow nanny to leave to certain places to assist with personal home errands such as: Walmart Pick up, Oil Change, Post offiice, Chop Veggies, Small Errands & Such. Duties would be reasonably spread throughout the week.

Break Time: A 30 minute break time will be provided for you once child is awake from nap time during his lunch time.

Here is what a you can expect a schedule to look like:

7:30AM-Arrive: Breakfast for Noah

8:00AM-Change Diaper, Cloth Noah, Brush Teeth

8:15AM-9:30AM-Outside Play time, Time to hangout side

9:45Am-Snack Time

10:00AM-Story Time in Our Little School Room

10-10:30AM-Story Time

10:30-11AM- Music Time & Puzzles Time

11:15 Nap Time For Noah

11:15-1:15 Noah’s Nap Time | Specified Duties & Responsibilities (Will Change daily as described above)


*Run Dishwasher & Laundry

*Walmart Pick Up (I have ordered groceries the day before online, nanny would be responsible for picking up groceries & bringing them home. Walmart Pickup brings groceries to the car! I will help unload & I will put them away.

*Post Office Delivery


1:15PM-Noah Should wake on his own, do not let him sleep past 1:45PM unless he’s sick or isn’t feeling well

1:15PM-Wake up from Nap

1:30PM-Prep Lunch for Noah: Noah can easily eat & watch TV while you relax & enjoy your break

1:45Pm-2:15PM-BREAK TIME, Your time to relax, be on your phone, ect.

2:15-2:45PM-Tidy up space that where used

2:45PM-Leave to Pick up Isaac from Bus Stop


Additional Hours on Tues:

3PM-Arrive from Bus Stop

3:15PM-Smoothie for Kids (Smoothie Recipe will be provided)

3:15-4PM-Creative Play Time!


Schedule with Activities:

Tues: Story Time at the Library

10AM-Leave to Story Time

10:30AM-Story Time Will begin

11:45AM-Leave Story Time

12:30PM-Noah Nap Time

Wed: Music Makers at the Museum

9:00AM Leave to Music Makers

9:30AM Music Makers Begins

10:15AM Music Makers Ends

10:45AM-Back Home

If you are interested in being considered please email your resume to hosannawilmotphotography@gmail.com

Upon being considered there will be an interview that will take place

We may also require 1 day of training where you will be paid $9/hr

We may also require a 2nd day where we observe whether or not you will be a good fit that will also be paid $9/hr

Upon agreeing to take the position there will be a contract that will be provided describing the information above, an e-signature will be required to accept.

We are so excited and so looking forward to find the perfect match!