2nd Shooter/Assistanting

I am looking forward so very much to working with you! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

1.) Attire: If possible please wear all black! Look professional, clean, ironed and tidy. The more professional we look the more confidence we radiate to our clients and then the more confidence and trust they have in us that we will be capturing their day flawlessly. If you have a watch please wear a watch and make sure we are running on time. Don’t hesitate to call me out on time!

2.) Arrival: If we are schedule to arrive at 10AM, please arrive 15-20 minuets ahead of time to prepare your gear, synchronize our camera, and get into shooting mode. 

3.) The night before: Obviously make sure all your gear is ready, clean and ready to shoot a full day! I will submit a timeline and important names, please review the information. If you can memorize some of the names this would be great! The last thing you will want to do is try to refer to the groom and his groomsmen by name and not know their names! 

4.) Shooting: Shoot in RAW. The goal is to be CONSISTENT with our lighting situations. I never hesitate to increase my ISO. I am shooting at F 2.0 & 2.5, sometimes lower and depending on what I am shooting. 

Bridal: We will begin shooting all the details! Feel free to shoot details and candid shots of the girls getting their makeup done while I am shooting details.

I always struggle with huge dresses. I usually have the maid of honor/sister/mom help me bring the dress to a lovely spot to get photographed. With your help I won’t need to bother anyone!

Groomsmen: We will begin by shooting all the details! Feel free to get details and shoot candid shots of the boys while they are doing boys stuff. 

5.) Shooting Style: Natural Light, Consistent & Off Camera Flash 

6.) Memory Cards: Because I tend to be forgetful sometimes, please do not leave without first turning in your memory cards into me. I am happy to send them in the mail as soon as I have uploaded them into my computer and have chosen the ones I will be working with from your collection. They will be in the mail within a few days or we can meet up to exchange cards.


1.) Syn Cameras

2.) Get Light Stands & Bride & Groom Water/Snacks wit second    shooter. 

3.) Get Ready! 

Getting Ready: Details & Candid Shots 

Portraits Before Ceremony: Think creatively! Feel free to move around and get creative! While I am busy making sure I have all the shots I needs, feel free to move angles, zoom in, get close, get far, whatever it is you needs. 

Ceremony: I will be in the front closest to the altar, you will be in the back capturing all the wide angles! As soon as the ceremony is over, all your things should be ready to go, jump in the car and head over to the reception site and start photographing the details! 

Reception: Photograph all the beautiful details! Tables, Place Sets, Cake, Candles, Flowers, Appetizers (If there are any displayed), Chairs, Chandeliers, Guest Books, basically everything and anything! 

**Guest will begin to trickle in, stay focused get those beautiful shots in spite of them**

Begin to set lighting stands around the room. Once closet to the DJ and 2 stands on the other corners of the room, in a triangle kind of from. As soon as they are set, leave the reception area. Find photographer & bring over water bottles (provided by photographer, this will apply for Brookgreen Gardens, it will not apply for April 13th Wedding as Bride and Groom will be getting their photos done at a different location) for Bride & Groom. 

Reception Hour Begins: Wedding party & bride & groom intros! First dances, food, toasts, cutting of the cakes, ect.

Overall lets have fun and make this day an incredible and unforgettable day for our bride and groom! We are here to serve our clients, their guests and anyone around us!